Let’s Boost My EnglishTM

Do you know that British people have a hard time understanding what the non-native speaker is saying? This is often due to incorrect pronunciation, misuse of prepositions and phrasal verbs, the use of outlandish expressions and unusual sentence structures, to name a few. 

When there is a gap in understanding each other or you can’t express yourself in the way you would like to, it is hard to have a fruitful conversation.

Would you like to have English skills as your strength?

Would you like to manage work-related situations in English better?

We are pleased to help you!

Our mission is to help you and other international managers and employees communicate better and transform your English skills into one of your greatest assets. As we all know, the quality of communication depends on your ability to interact, feel relaxed and confidently express yourself. This is fairly easy when you are communicating in your native language, but in English is not usually that easy, unless you keep practising.

Let’s Boost My English is a tailored intense course for companies and their managers and employees. Our native English-speaking tutors are specialized in teaching company staff and have taught well over 20 nationalities.

The sessions are One-to-One or in mini-groups and take place on Teams at flexible teaching hours. The overall objective is to improve your English speaking and writing skills required in work-related situations. The training suits every skill level from the very modest A2 up to the most advanced C2 and the lessons are tailored accordingly to meet each individual needs.

If you want to substantially improve your English communication skills for you work – this is the way to do it, results are guaranteed! Our participants have seen their English skills improve on average by 35% during the course.

What have our course participants liked most?

  • ‘I feel more confident when I speak.’
  • ‘The material was versatile. I learnt both writing and speaking.’
  • ‘Very good teacher who made me feel relaxed.’
  • ‘Immediate feedback and good atmosphere.’
  • ‘Studying things that I‘m interested in.’
  • ‘Well-planned lessons and schedule, easy to access.’
  • ‘Relaxed and motivating atmosphere.’
  • ‘Talking with a native speaker. The exercises were very useful and they were tailored to my needs.’
  • ’Overall relaxed approach, interesting discussion topics and articles.’
  • ’The teacher knew exactly what I needed. The content of the lessons was well-composed.’
  • ’Tailored content based on my current skill level.’
  • ’We focused on things I had problems with. The teacher was very supportive.’

Gift Card campaign until Nov 30th, 2023

We are happy to give a taste of our teaching concept in the form of Gift Card. The Gift Card entitles to a free English lesson for the first 100 signed up. No obligation to purchase.

30-minute Private English Lesson Free of Charge
– Native English-speaking teacher from London
– Conversational session over Teams
– Feedback on your current English skills and how to improve

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