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Kapiolani is a forerunner in analysing the impact of emotions on decision-making. It is an undisputed fact that people make purchase decisions based on their gut feeling and not on rational thinking. Hence, to get valid information on the purchase determinants, we need to focus on measuring emotions by emotional measures. And we know how to do it! In the past 20 years, we have successfully used our ReleValence and Symbiosis® analyses for getting in-depth understanding of the market drivers to help our clients boost their businesses.

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Communication Effectiveness

ReleValence assists companies in improving their communication effectiveness by measuring the emotional power and accuracy of their message.

The ReleValence research method is an extremely viable method for measuring communication all-inclusively: corporate image, brands, logos, TV, radio, print ads and whole marketing campaign in various media channels.


Customer Relationships

The more committed the customers, the deeper their relationship and the better the sales and profitability. Customer satisfaction is not enough, it must lead to increased loyalty and emotional engagement.

Competition Analysis

The Symbiosis analyses the market structure and the company´s position in relation to its competitors.

Organisation Productivity

Job motivation is derived from employees´ feeling of self-management which appears in forms of emotional engagement to workplace. Due to emotional engagement of employees the company will produce better results.

Post Call ™

Post Call measures the quality of sales calls and telephone customer service and gives clear guidelines on how to improve the team and individual performance.

Target Scope ™

When dealing with a large number of potential customers it is important to do the targeting correctly. Our Target Scope method brings up the most potential customers for your business and improves sales.

Let’s Boost My English™

Would you like your English skills to be one of your greatest assets?

Our English training concept is for managers and employees who want to level up their English skills to communicate better with their international colleagues and customers.

Learn effectively with a native, certified English teacher from the UK.
One-to-One and mini-group Teams lessons tailored to your specific needs.
Flexible teaching hours to fit into your personal schedule.
English requirements assessment and individual study plan.



About Us

Kapiolani is an experienced business consultancy agency serving clients in Finland and overseas. We have worldwide links with reliable partners, making it easy to serve our clients internationally when necessary. We are based in Helsinki, Finland.

Our mission is to help our clients to sharpen their competitive advantages. In this mission, we draw on solid business experience and professionalism. Thanks to our wealth of experience and the right collaborators, we can manage the most demanding projects. We transform the market data into information and strategic knowledge to help your business fly high.